Augmented and Virtual Reality


·         Introducing importance and applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems

·         Explaining working principle of Head Up and Head Mounted Display Systems

·         Using Computer Vision to develop AR systems

·         Developing VR models in Unity

·         Integrating different sensors with AR/VR systems

·         Teaching different interaction modalities (eye gaze, gesture and voice)

·         Hands on training on developing AR/VR systems

·         Undertaking representative AR/VR projects


Target Group


Industry, R&D Units


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·         History and differences between Augmented and Virtual Reality

·         Basics of Computer Vision and Multimodal Interaction

·         AR systems for Fault Inspection, Digital Twin

·         Head Up and Head Mounted Systems in Automotive and Aviation Domains

·         Virtual Reality System development in Unity

·         Rendering real time sensor data in VR model

·         Human Robot Interaction using AR/VR systems




Dr. Pradipta Biswas

Asst. Professor, Dept. of CPDM, IISc




Who can apply?

BE, B.Tech., MCA


Basic Knowledge of Computer Programming & Mathematics


Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/-


Schedule: Tuesday’s 6 pm  to 8 pm


Reference Books:

1.       Grigore C. Burdea, Philippe Coiffet , Virtual Reality Technology, Wiley 2016

2.       Dieter Schmalstieg and Tobias Höllerer, Augmented Reality: Principles & Practice, Pearson Education India, 2016

3.       Kent Norman (Ed), Wiley Handbook of Human Computer Interaction, Wiley 2017

4.       Andy Field, "Discovering Statistics Using SPSS", SAGE Publications Ltd., 2009


Lecture Notes

1.     Introduction to AR and VR

2.     Visual and Auditory Perception

3.     Cognition and Motor Action

4.     Signal and Image Processing

5.     Object Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks

6.     Tracking Technologies – Inertial and Optical Systems




7.     Display Technologies

8.     Haptic, Auditory and Tactile Systems

9.     Input Modalities – Eye gaze, Head movement, Gesture and Facial Expression tracking

10.Multimodal Interaction for AR/VR Systems

11.Conducting and Analysing Research – Statistical Hypothesis Testing

12.Case Study on Manufacturing -Smart Sensor Dashboard

13.Case Study on Automotive UIInteractive HUD

14.Case Study on Aerospace- VR Cockpit Models

15.Case Study on Human Robot Interaction – Inclusive CoBot