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The Intelligent Inclusive Interaction Design (I3D) Lab undertakes research in the field of human computer interaction, intelligent user interfaces and inclusive design. Existing sponsored and student projects considered new interaction techniques for people with different range of abilities, automotive and military aviation environments. Previous research explored user modelling for people with wide range of abilities and developing new interactive systems involving eye gaze, head, hand and finger movement trackers. Present projects include


1.     Next Generation Automotive Cockpit, Faurecia

2.     IT4All, DST SERB Early Career Fellowship, Govt of India (2017-2020)

3.     Reducing pilotsí cognitive load by facilitating human machine interaction in military aviation environment, Aeronautical Research and Development Board, MoD, India (2017-2019)

4.     Smart Manufacturing Test Bed,Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems (2016-2019)

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