Industry 4.0Back

We are developing an interactive sensor dashboard and multimodal CoBot for supporting Industry 4.0 initiative. We are investigating different visualization techniques of sensor reading in 2D and 3D environment. Presently we are implementing and deploying a 3D sensor dashboard for BT offices in India. The multimodal CoBot allows to control a robotic manipulator through multiple modalities like eye gaze, gesture and speech.

Earlier we also developed image processing algorithms for automated inspection of rubber sheet for a shoe making MSME and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for detecting correct orientation and type of IC chips using webcam and shape detection algorithms. We have developed a prototype system using a Kinect that can detect bad leaning posture by measuring the difference between the neck-spine and hip-spine joints in the skeleton figure of Kinect. Following RULA guidelines, it raises an alert when the neck or torso is inclined more than 60 ͦ.

Main Results

  • We developed and validated a new way of generating synthetic image and video based data for training deep learning models like Convolutional Neural Networks using VR digital twins which offers more customization than Generative Adversial Network (GAN) and Variable Auto Encoders (VAE).
  • We evaluated shape detection algorithms in different lighting conditions (indoor, outdoor, and controlled light source) and best shape detection result is obtained in YCbCr color space using bounding box shape descriptors for 2500 Lux using LED.


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