Interactive AR/VR Digital Twin for Navigation and Monitoring of office spaces

This project will develop an interactive and immersive digital twin of BT office premises in Bangalore for real time monitoring of building and help in navigation for visitors. The solution will be deployed using state of the art virtual and augmented reality systems and follow a user centred design process on developing multimodal interaction with the AR/VR system. The IISc team has earlier worked on similar technology for developing a mixed reality digital twin of a smart manufacturing set up and also involved with developing VR cockpits with Indian Aerospace sector. The BT team developed and deployed VR based digital system for its offices at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK with promising result. This project will investigate challenges in real time data visualization and interaction with AR/ VR systems in detail and can be extended to various BT offices both in India and UK.

Video Demonstration

Click Here for VR Demo

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