Aviation Back

  • Study Project on Advanced HMI Systems, Aeronautical Development Agency, MoD, India (INR 47.5L, 2019-2020)
  • Reducing pilots’ cognitive load by facilitating human machine interaction in military aviation environment, Aeronautical Research and Development Board, MoD, India (INR 47.3L, 2017-2019)
  • ERP PhD student sponsored by CSIR National Aerospace Laboratories

Our aviation related projects are developing eye gaze controlled Multi-Function Display (MFD) and Head Mounted Display system (HMDS) and can simultaneously estimate pilots’ cognitive workload from ocular parameters. As part of the research we collected ocular parameters during air to ground attack dives and -1G to +5G constant G-load manoeuvres in combat aircrafts. We also developed and demonstrated eye gaze controlled virtual and real flight simulators in Aero India 2019 and Defence Expo 2020.

Main Results

  • We reported that pilots can undertake representative pointing and selection tasks at less than 2 secs on average and the accuracy of COTS eye gaze tracking glass is less than 5º of visual angle up to +3G, although it is less accurate at -1G and +5G. We used these results in developing a multimodal head and eye gaze movement based HMDS and in a user study involving standard ISO 9241 pointing task. The average pointing and selection times was significantly lower in the proposed system compared to traditional TDS.
  • Ocular parameters like rate of fixation is significantly different in different flying conditions and significantly correlated with rate of descent during air to ground dive training task, normal load factor (G) of the aircraft during constant G level turn manoeuvres and pilot’s control inceptor and tracking error in simulation tasks.


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