Workshop on Intelligent User Interface for Metaverse

At C located with ACM IUI 24ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interface 2024

Venue: Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Date: 18th - 21st March, 2024

Link for Online Participants (will be updated)


    Investigating UI/UX challenges in Metaverse

    Role of AI for improving user experience and scopes of generative AI in Metaverse

    Scope and challenges for new modalities like gesture and eye tracking in Metaverse

    Challenges in improving accessibility aspects of Metaverse for people with different range of abilities

    Identifying gaps in standardization for Metaverse

Call for Papers

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  • Submission Deadline: Jan 16, 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance: Feb 9, 2024
  • Camera-Ready Papers Due: Mar 1, 2024
  • While Metaverse may be a new popular concept but researchers already explored interaction design for eXtended Reality systems. Use of AI in the form of object recognition in Augmented Reality system or speech recognition in Virtual Reality systems in widespread use but not explicitly considered as examples of Intelligent User Interface. However, AI technology has potential to introduce new interaction modality like eye and hand tracking for Metaverse and similarly improve interaction experience through emotion recognition, cognitive load estimation, target prediction or introducing new accessibility features in 3D media. Recent advancement in generative AI has been explored for generating synthetic data to improve object recognition accuracy in mixed reality system and Google RT2 explored using large language model to automatically generate instructions for robot manipulation, which can be extended to industrial metaverse. The organizers of this workshop have diverse range of expertise from developing VR crew cabin for Indias maiden human space flight mission, developing subtitles for VR media, designing industrial metaverse and marketing new headsets for data collection in Metaverse. In addition, the team is also actively involved in standardization activities through ISO and ITU and the workshop will directly contribute to assemble future use cases and associated challenges in Metaverse.

    Workshop Schedule

      Morning Session

    • Opening Remark
    • Paper Presentations
    • Panel Discussion on UI/UX Issues of Metaverse, Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists


      Afternoon Session

    • Paper Presentations
    • Panel Discussion on Role of AI in Metaverse, Moderator: TBD
    • Panelists

    • Closing Remarks - Pradipta Biswas, IISc

    Video Demonstrations


      Prof Pradipta Biswas*, Indian Institute of Science,

      Dr Vinay Krishna Sharma, Siemens,

      Prof Pilar Orero, Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona,

      Dr Eryn Whitworth, Meta,

      Dr Anasol Pena-Rios, British Telecom,


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