Sponsored by India EU ICT Collaboration India EU Workshop on Inclusive Design and Standardization Back

Venue: Satish Dhawan Auditorium, Indian Instititute of Science(IISc), Bangalore

Dates: 28th and 29th November, 2022

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All of us get fortunate in life in seeing children growing up. As a child starts to crawl, speak, walk, it brings joy to the parents and relatives. However, children with different range of abilities often follow a different development path than their able-bodied counterpart. Recent research in XR Technologies, Computer Vision and AI are redefining interaction with electronic media in new ways which was not thought before. However, is this progress being distributed fairly among all parts of the society? Researchers often evaluate the accuracy of their system for best case scenario (or for expert users) but do they consider the different ranges of abilities of users? In fact how the recent advance in interactive systems is supporting users who cannot use existing interaction devices or need ‘special’ interaction modalities?
The Indo EU workshop on Inclusive Design and Standardization will present a set of presentations and panel discussions from India and Europe discussing recent development in assistive technology, standardization and rehabilitation. The workshop was preceeded by a hackathon involving eye gaze controlled cyber physical systems held at Vidyasagar (Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu), Chennai. The workshop will discuss outcome from the hackathon and explore sustainability of proposed solutions and prospective India EU collaboration for development and standardization of new assistive technology.


Workshop Schedule

    Day 1, 28th November IST 1400

  • Welcome Address - Prof GK Ananthsuresh, Dean (Mechanical Science), IISc and Mr Benoit Sauveroche, First Counsellor at the Delegation of the European Union to India
  • User requirements for accessible VR experiences, Pilar Orero, UAB, Spain
  • Ludic Design for Accessibility, Swami Manohar, Microsoft Research
  • Accessible Information Visualization, Markku Turunen, Tempere University, Finland
  • Indian Accessibility Standard, S Ramakrishnan, CDAC
  • Rehabilitation Technology, Mohit Kataruka, Army Hospital, New Delhi

    Day 2, 29th November IST 1000

  • Report on Hackathon for SSMI , Pradipta Biswas, Indian Institute of Science
  • IISc Lab Visit for Physically Present Delegates
      1. Nahar Centre of Robotics
      2. I3D Lab
      3. Flight Simulator Lab
  • Meeting about hosting ITU meeting
  • Live Caption for Indian Broadcasting, Avinash Agarwal, DoT & ITU
  • European Disability Standard and Regulation, Alejandro Moledo, European Disability Forum
  • Same Language Subtitle, Nirav Shah, PlanetRead and Brij Kothari, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Closing Remarks

EU Impact

The project will directly contribute to as well as collaborate with European Standard EN 301 549 on ICT Accessibility. The PI is member of the expert committee which is adopting EN 301 549 for India’s banking websites. The multilingual and multicultural context of EU is similar to India and the proposed Common User Profile will be useful to personalize systems for the multilingual EU population. The project will closely collaborate with EU partners and EU Cost network.

Previous Research


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