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1.        Logitech Driving Simulator with ISO 26022 Driving Task

2.        Flight Simulator with USAF A10 Warthog Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick (HOTAS) with CSIR-NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory) desktop flight simulator software


1.     Eye Gaze Trackers (Tobii Pro Glasses, Pro X3, 4C and EyeX) with analysis software

2.     Emotiv Insight Dry Electrode EEG Tracker

3.     Finger Movement Trackers (Leap Motion Controllers)

4.     Hand Movement Tracker (MS Kinect)

5.     Motion Tracker (Optitrack System)

6.     Environment Monitoring Sensors (Dust, Light, Rain, Temperature)

Computing Facilities

1.   Graphics workstation with i7-7700K 4.2GHz processor and NVidia GTX 1080Ti 11GB Graphics Card

2.     Workstation PC with i7-8700K 3.7GHz processor

3.   High end laptops (HP Spectre (i7) and MacBook Pro)

4.   Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

5.   Intel NUC Computers (i7, i5 and i3)

6.   Single Board Computers (Win 10 LattePanda, Raspberry Pi with 5MP Camera and PCDuino)


1.     Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System

2.     65 inch HD TV

3.     43 inch TV

4.     40 inch TV

5.     7 inch displays

6.     Projectors

7.     Pico Projectors (Protronix, Phillips and MuBee)

Human Factor Evaluation

1.     Hand Strength Evaluation Kit (Dynamometer and Goniometers)

2.     Hand Tremor Measurement Kit (Comby Stressometer)

3.     Pulse Oximeter

4.     Multilingual Cognitive Ability Evaluation Kit


List of software

Cambridge Simulator: A Windows based usability evaluation tool

TLX & SUS: A software to collect NASA TLX and IBM SUS data

Cognitive Test: A web based cognitive testing programs

Speech Perception Test: A web based auditory testing program

Geo-Tagging Portal: A web based personalizable crowd-sourcing platform










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