Pointing Task

Pointing Task &Analysis (WheelWiz)


ISO 9241-9 is a standard Pointing task which is used as the standard metric to evaluate pointing devices. We developed a pointing task which follows the ISO standard based on Fitts' Law. It helps evaulate performance metrics for any input modality.

Upon completion of pointing task, we analyse the cursor movement trajectories using the metrics defined by MacKenzie [2001] with regards to the task axis (the line between starting source and intended target). These metrics look at the variability of movements as well as the number of events relating to cursor movement along the task axis towards the intended target. Further, these metrics are visualised as Radial Stacked Bar Chart (WheelViz).

MacKenzie, I. S., Kauppinen, T., & Silfverberg, M. (2001, March). Accuracy measures for evaluating computer pointing devices. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems (pp. 9-16).

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