This webpage indicates spread of COVID 19 by automatically dividing the duration of spread based on rate of increase of cases. It uses a Knee detection algorithm to progressively divide the duration. The shape of the graphs (like linear, parabolic or exponential) can be compared at different stages and countries with respect to the average number of new cases and deaths. Instead of dividing the timeline uniformly for all countries on ad hoc basis, the website automatically detects phase of transmission in a data centric manner for each country. The website can be used to

The webpage is developed by Kamal Preet Singh Saluja , Somnath Arjun, Jeevithashree DV, LRD Murthy and I3D team

Press Releases

Deccan Herald

Covid-19 fight gets a boost with IISc app

Coronavirus "contact tracing" apps may be all the rage now, but a team of design scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), have developed a new Covid-19 analysis application geared...

Gates Cambridge

App allows comparisons in rate of spread of COVID-19

Scientists based in a Gates Cambridge Scholar's lab at the Indian Institute of Science have developed a new app which shows the rate of spread of COVI...

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