COVID 19 Data Visualization through Automatic Phase Detection

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At present, the spread of COVID-19 is shown to have an exponential trend in most countries. An exponential curve is difficult for both comparison and prediction as it has a vertical asymptotic trend to infinity. We have developed this website that automatically divides the duration of spread of the disease based on rate of increase in new cases, and shows a set of three graphs which are easier to interpret and extrapolate than a single exponential graph. The shape of the graphs (like linear, parabolic or exponential) can be compared at different stages and countries with respect to the average number of new cases and deaths.

Pradipta Biswas, Kamalpreet Singh Saluja, Somnath Arjun, Lrd Murthy, Gowdham Prabhakar, Vinay Krishna Sharma, and Jeevitha Shree Dv. 2020. COVID-19 Data Visualization through Automatic Phase Detection. Digit. Gov.: Res. Pract. 1, 4, Article 25 (August 2020), 8 pages. DOI:

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