Eye gaze controlled interface design for automotive, aviation and assistive products, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, January 2020

        Multimodal Human Robot Interaction, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, December 2019

        Machine Learning Model Evaluation and Validation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics workshop held at Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, December 2019

        Smart Sensor Dashboard, British Telecom, Adastral Park, Ipswich, August 2019

        Human Computer Interaction, Training Program for DRDO Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India, March 2019

        Intelligent User Interface, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kalyani, February 2019

        Gaze Controlled Next Gen Cockpit, 12th Distinguished Lecture at the IISc Aerospace Engineering Department, January 2019

        ITU Workshop on TV and content delivery on Integrated Broadband Cable Networks Intelligent Inclusive TV, Hangzhou, China, May 2017

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        Intelligent Inclusive Interaction Design, IISc Computer Science and Automaton, February 2017

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        Intelligent Inclusive Human Machine Interaction, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge, February 2016

        Eye Gaze Tracking, University of Cambridge Engineering Department, September 2015

        Eyeing your vision, Oxbridge Academic Programs, Cambridge, July 2015

        Experiment Design and Statistical Data Analysis, Wolfson College Bio-Engineering Society, May 2015

        The Scholar Speaks, Interview at Cam FM, December 2014

        Inclusive User Modelling and Multimodal Adaptation, Delhi Technical University, November 2014

        Inclusive Human Computer Interaction - from Indian farmers to Eurofighter Typhoon pilots, Wolfson College Science Society, Cambridge, May 2014

          Eye-Gazer, IIT Bombay TechFest, Mumbai, India, January 2014

        Inclusive User Modelling and Multimodal Adaptation, Technical University, Berlin, December 2013

        Inclusive User modelling and Applications, IEEE SPS talk at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, June 2013

        Inclusive User modelling and Applications, University of Ulster, UK, May 2013

        Personalization and accessibility through user modelling, Rogers, Canada, September 2012

        Virtual User Modelling and Simulation, ISO SC36 meeting at Shanghai, China, September 2011

        A framework to provide multimodal adaptable interfaces for Disabled and Elderly, British Telecom, UK, August 2011

        Rapid Aiming Movements, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, May 2011

        Inclusive User Modelling, Durham University, UK, January 2011

        A brief survey on user modelling in HCI, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India, January 2010

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        Inclusive User Modelling, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge Department of Physics, October, 2009

        Choosing Career in Academics, St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology, Kolkata, India. February, 2009

        Talk at School of Information Technology, IIT, Kharagpur at February, 2008






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