Human Computer Interaction (HCI) for Assistive Technology




Dr. Pradipta Biswas

Researcher, Cambridge University, UK

Vice Chairman at FG on Smart TV, ITU-T, Switzerland

Email: pb400 AT


Course Material:


        Lecture Notes on Understanding Users



        Inclusive User Model: Link to W3C Paper


        Novel Assistive Interaction Techniques: Link to Springer Book Chapter


        Eye Tracking Interaction

o       Video Demonstration

o       P. Biswas and P. Langdon, A new input system for disabled users involving eye gaze tracker and scanning interface, Journal of Assistive Technologies, 5(2) June 2011, ISSN: 1754-9450

o        P. Biswas and P. Langdon, A New Interaction Technique Involving Eye Gaze Tracker and Scanning Systems, ACM Eye Tracking South Africa(ETSA) 2013


        Adaptable Interaction:

o       P. Biswas and P. Langdon, Investigating the gravity well algorithm to help in pointing in electronic interfaces by motor-impaired users, Journal of Assistive Technologies, 5(3) September 2011, ISSN: 1754-9450


        Link to IIT Mandi course on Human Computer Interaction