We always welcome new collaborators to prepare funding proposal either for national funding or taking part in US-India, UK-India or EU-India funding calls. Our present projects are


1.     Gaze Controlled Applications for eInclusion of users with SSMI, Microsoft Research India

2.     Validation of movement angles of a cricket bat through IMU and vision based sensors, Quick Logi Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

3.     Cognitive and Auditory Rehabilitation for Elderly, Department of BioTechnology (DBT, Govt of India) (2018-2021)

4.     Next Generation Automotive Cockpit, Faurecia Services Groupe, France

5.     Faurecia Intelligent Design Support, Faurecia Services Groupe, France

6.     IT4All, DST SERB Early Career Fellowship, Govt of India (2017-2020)

7.     Reducing pilotsí cognitive load by facilitating human machine interaction in military aviation environment, Aeronautical Research and Development Board, MoD, India (2017-2019)

8.     Smart Manufacturing Test Bed,Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems (2016-2019)


Earlier, Pradipta worked with Jaguar Land Rover and successfully completed the EU funded Gentle User Interfaces for Disabled and Elderly (EU GUIDE) project, the BAE systems funded Evolutionary Human Machine Interfaces (EVO-HMI) and EPSRC funded India UK Advanced Technology Centre of Excellence (IUATC) projects.The IUATC project was one of the biggest ICT initiatives for UK-India collaborative funding.







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