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Projects 2016

Students were given a web page as a design bed consisting of an embedded google map and a set of buttons. The web page was integrated to the Inclusive User Model, which allows to adapt the webpage based on user profile and users’ cursor movement. Students were needed to design an application using the webpage for computer novice users.


Sample Solution on Geo-Tagging

Projects 2014


Students designed a user-friendly Android application to control Microwave oven. A sample project report and application can be downloaded here.

Projects 2013


We have investigated use of novel modalities of interaction for a few representative applications by people with limited knowledge of computers.  The representative applications used a single Design-Bed to share a common style. Each screen have a limited set of screen elements to reduce cognitive load, is accessible through novel modalities of interaction and was evaluated through the Cambridge Simulator to make accessible for people with a wide range of abilities. Representative systems include


1.     e-Shopping System [Report]

2.     e-Panchayat (e-Government Services) System [Report]

3.     e-Hotel Reservation System [Report]

4.     e-Banking System [Report]

5.     Software Download System [Report]


A video demonstration of the combined system used by an eye-gaze tracker can be found at http://youtu.be/kc5ngguRq9Y.

Projects 2012


1.     Literature Survey on Virtual Reality Interfaces [Report]  [Slides]

2.     Automatic Health Tracker & Fitness Trainer [Report]  [Slides]

3.     Usability Evaluation of the next version of IIT Mandi Website [Report]  [Slides]

4.     A Novel Design & Navigation Mechanism for an Augmented Reality Interface [Report]  [Slides]

5.     Usability Evaluation of E-commerce websites [Report]  [Slides]

6.     Online Eye Testing Interface for illiterate Indian users [Report]  [Slides]

7.     Literature Survey on Fitts' Law [Report]  [Slides]

8.     Voting system [Report]  [Slides]

9.     Human Computer Interface Design for Illiterate and Semi-literate Indian users for access To E-Governance Applications [Report]  [Slides]



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